Supplemental Intrusive Testing

Client Self Test provides Wholesale customers with the ability to perform testing on their DS1 circuits. A CEMR customer with valid CEMR credentials is able to log in and run a Supplemental Intrusive Test as if CenturyLink were conducting the test via Test Expert. This test can be used if Non-Intrusive test results are inconclusive and it is acceptable to take the circuit out of service. This test cannot be used as a standalone test. This test will provide customers with a pop-up message that reads: “Warning this is an Intrusive Test. The circuit will be taken out of service for the duration of the test.”

Please Note: CEMR will ensure that a Supplemental Intrusive Test cannot be run if a Non-Intrusive Test is not run first (a Full Test qualifies as a Non-Intrusive Test relative to this rule). CEMR will check the past 24 hours on the same circuit to ensure a Non-Intrusive Test has been run.

This test will provide extra information after running a Non-Intrusive Test.

Intrusive Responses

Test Expert Results

Summary Code

Text Response

No test access available


No test access available - Please open a ticket.

Test OK


No trouble found on the circuit

HDSL errors detected


Trouble Found in CenturyLink network field - Please open a ticket.

Trouble to the office repeater


Trouble Found in CenturyLink network office - Please open a ticket.

Inconclusive results


Unspecified failure took place – Please open a ticket

Errors to NIU or Field devices


Trouble Found in CenturyLink network – NIU or Repeaters – Please open a ticket



Clean to NIU, taking errors to the CSU – Please contact your end user and isolate trouble further