Log in as a Customer

  1. Open a browser window and go to https://coraprod.centurylink.com/cora/control/login. The login page appears.

  1. Do one of the following:

If you have not logged in before...

If you have logged in before...

  • In the User ID field, type your user ID (your email address).

  • In the Password field, type your digital certificate PIN. CenturyLink employees enter your LDAP (AD) password.

  • Type a new password when prompted to do so.

  • Type your user ID (your email address) and password.

  1. Click Log In. The main window appears.

Caution: For security reasons, user accounts are locked after five consecutive unsuccessful login attempts. This lockout condition lasts for 30 minutes. To unlock an account sooner (after a password has been reset by the help desk if needed), users should contact the appropriate help desk for assistance to unlock their account.