• Welcome to the IMA GUI Lesson
    • Information

    • This self-directed, eLearning provides an overview on using IMA GUI system functionality to perform PreOrder, Order and Post Order tasks, and how to submit Local Service Requests (LSRs) in the IMA GUI. The course provides system demonstrations and allows you to complete hands-on activities that emulate the IMA GUI system.

      Upon completion of this eLearning, you will be able to:

      •   Understand IMA GUI administrative processes and sign-on procedures
      •   Understand how to use IMA GUI to validate customer information
      •   Identify and describe how to use IMA GUI to create and submit LSRs and reports
      •   Identify and describe how to use IMA GUI to revise, restructure, and correct LSRs
      •   Identify and use the three Appendices (LSR Forms, Glossary, and Error Message Directory)

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