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Module 4: Interconnection Options

Mid-Span Meet POI

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Local Interconnection Services (LIS)
          Mid-Span Meet POI
A Mid-Span Meet POI is a negotiated POI between a CenturyLink location and the CLEC’s location. The actual physical POI and facilities used will be subject to negotiations between the participating parties. In this arrangement, both parties have agreed to build to this point, and both accept responsibility for the network on their side of the POI.

In some states, on routes longer than 50 miles, CenturyLink has been given the authority by state regulators to pass-on half of a transport facility construction cost to you when CenturyLink does not have facilities in place to meet your request. Where allowed, CenturyLink may use a "LATA Infrastructure Mileage Initial Transport" (LIMIT) process to coordinate Mid-Span Meet POI interconnection. LIMIT will be invoked only for those interconnection trunk groups that cross LCA boundaries within a LATA.

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