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Module 6: Billing

CroSS7 Data Stream

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Local Interconnection Services (LIS)
          Quick Summary of SS7
A Quick Summary of SS7
  1. CroSS7 is programmed to “know” which SS7 links and point codes to monitor.

  2. Once CroSS7 is programmed, it will monitor the network and capture SS7 messages associated with calls that are traveling on the LIS Trunk Groups.

  3. CroSS7 gathers SS7 messages and creates a Call Detail Record (CDR) which is then passed to the Automatic Message Accounting (AMA) System.

  4. CenturyLink uses these CDR’s to bill you, the CLEC, your MOU Charges.

  5. In addition, CenturyLink uses CDRs to validate your MOU billing to CenturyLink.
Click here for a diagram of a typical SS7 Data Stream.

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