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Module 9: JPSA


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Local Interconnection Services (LIS)
          MECOD & MECAB
The MECAB and the MECOD are the standards on which the meet point billing guidelines are based. These standards determine the ordering, rating and billing for access services when the service is provided by more than one provider. All information necessary for billing, ordering and design coordination will be provided based upon the MECAB and MECOD guidelines to ensure that jointly provided access services are installed, tested and turned up in a timely manner.

So what are the MECAB and MECOD documents?


The standards for billing and data exchange will be in accordance with, and are described in, the Multiple Exchange Carrier Access Billing (MECAB) guidelines, Technical Reference ATIS/OBF-MECAB-008. This document, describes meet point billing standards which apply to both usage-sensitive and flat-rated access services.


The MECOD (Multiple Exchange Carrier Ordering and Design Guidelines, Technical Reference ATIS/OBF MECOD-005) contains the standards for processing orders for Jointly Provided Access Services. These guidelines cover the ordering and design process from submission of an Access Services Request (ASR) through issuance of work documents
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