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Module 2: LIS Overview

Local/EAS Traffic

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Local Interconnection Services (LIS)
          Exchange of Local/EAS Traffic Step 3

  1. When there is sufficient traffic, a dedicated facility will be required to go directly to the End Office rather than through the Local Tandem. CenturyLink uses “512 Busy Hours CCS” (512 CCS) to any single end office as the benchmark to determine when the CLEC will be required to move traffic off of tandem trunks and establish separate trunk groups directly from the CLEC POI to end offices. 512 CCS means that the Centrum Call Seconds (CCS) have exceeded 512 during the busiest hour(s) of the day. One CCS is equal to one hundred seconds of telephone usage.

    If the call routes to the Local Tandem, it will pass to the CenturyLink End Office, and finally, to the end user using Telephone B.
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