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Module 2: Product Description

Service Restrictions

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Local Number Portability
LNP "Triggers" (uncompiled codes residing on the network server) are not expected to be placed on Service Codes or Service Access Codes (911, 411, 800, 888, 900, and 500), so no LNP queries will be performed on these call types.

In addition, queries will not be performed in the originating switch for 0+, 0-, or 1+ calls routed to an Interexchange Carrier (IXC). The porting of certain telephone numbers will NOT be provided when any of the following circumstances or services exist:

  • 555, 960, 866, 877 and 976 NXXs
  • 500, 700, 800, 888, and 900 services
  • 911, 411, 511 and other N11 services
  • Paging Numbers
  • Numbers used for mass calling events
  • Reserved Numbers*

    *CenturyLink's policy regarding the porting of reserved telephone numbers is to allow the porting, if the reserved numbers are identified on the end-user service record. Porting orders will NOT be taken on unassigned, previously owned, disconnected following suspension for nonpayment, or vacant telephone numbers.

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