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Module 3: LNP Specifications


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Local Number Portability
LNP Managed Cuts are offered on a contract basis, and the prices are not included in FCC Tariff 1.

The charges you will incur for the LNP Managed Cut are dependent upon the Frame Due Time (FDT). The rates are based upon whether the request is within or outside CenturyLink's normal business hours. CenturyLink's normal business hours are 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, local time Monday through Friday.

  • The rate for LNP Managed Cuts requested during normal business hours is the standard rate.

  • The rate for LNP Managed Cuts requested outside normal weekday business hours is the overtime rate, and the rate for Sundays and Holidays is the premium rate.

For additional information, click here to review the LNP Product Catalog

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