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Module 5: Ordering

Service Provider Resp's

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Local Number Portability
A service provider must:

  1. Establish a Local Interconnection Service (LIS) arrangement with CenturyLink, which includes trunking, E911, and SS7 requirements for LNP.

  2. Complete the Interconnect Questionnaire, provided by the CenturyLink Account Team representative.

  3. Provide an after hours contact person responsible for problem resolution during cuts (required both during the test phase and in day-to-day operations).

  4. Sign a Blanket Authorization Agreement (BAA) in order to obtain paper copies or verbal information about a customer's Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) and/or Customer Service Record (CSR).

  5. Obtain Letter of Authorization (LOA) from the end-user to act as agent to transition and provide ported number service. An LOA is not required if you already own the customer account.

  6. Review the Customer Service Record (CSR), verifying all services to be ported.

  7. Complete the Local Service Request (LSR), along with the following forms: End User (EU), Number Portability Service (NP), or Loop Service with Number Portability (LSNP), and Directory Listing (DL).

  8. Upon request, provide a copy of the LOA to CenturyLink in one of four ways: letter, oral with third party verification, post card, or electronic data.
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