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Module 5: Ordering

Directory Listings

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Local Number Portability
          Directory Listings, Cont.
CenturyLink has implemented unique entries in the LSR ACT field. To ensure end-user listings are either retained or discontinued one of the following entries is required:

  • An ACT entry of "Z" will retain the current listing(s) (Wireline to Wireline LNP only)
  • An ACT entry of "V" will discontinue listings associated with the port activity (all listings are removed; Wireline to Wireline LNP only)

If you have entered a "V" in the ACT field of the LSR and later wish to establish a new Facilities Based Directory Listing (FBDL), then the LSR, EU and DL forms should be faxed to (888) 796-9089 for interconnection requests or (763) 506-9796 or (763) 506-9797 for FBDL requests.

If the LSR will port only a portion of an account, including the CenturyLink billing TN, the LSOG forms (LSR, EU, and DL) will be required from you.

This information is provided as an example only. Be sure to refer to the LNP PCAT for the most current Directory Listing information.

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