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Module 7: Trouble Reporting

LNP Repair Process

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Local Number Portability
          Opening a CTR
    1. Call Wholesale Repair @ 1-800-223-7881

    2. Provide the Ported TN in trouble, including the old and new service provider

    3. CenturyLink Repair Service Attendant (RSA) will verify the ported TN

    4. You must test and isolate the trouble to the CenturyLink network

    5. The CenturyLink RSA needs to know of any recent service request activity. You should include the CenturyLink order number and due date.

    6. The CenturyLink RSA will give commitment time based on standard intervals

    7. Test results are not given by the RSA at this time

    8. The RSA will advise you of the ticket number for tracking

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