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Ethernet Virtual Circuit (EVC) ASR Ordering

Course Description

This self-directed, web-based training provides the information necessary to submit ASR's for Ethernet Virtual Circuits for Metro Ethernet a.k.a Metro Optical Ethernet service. It is a comprehensive view of the field requirements and the process involved in submitting the ASR.

Course Objectives

The course goal is to provide the information necessary for CLEC, Resellers, IXCs, Wireless, and ILEC customers to use the CORA™ GUI to submit ASRs. The course is benefit oriented, stressing ease of use, reduction of errors, and improvement of flow, through quality of orders, timeliness and FOC delivery. The web based training will include an overview, demonstration of the forms, and fields required to submit an ASR for EVC.



The target audience for the training is CLECs, Resellers, IXCs, Wireless, and ILECs. This training will assist you in the use of the CORA™ GUI to input Access Service Requests and allow you to be more effective in submitting Access Service Requests.

Course Length

This web based training course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

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