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Message Waiting Indication - Residence V13.0

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Product Description

Message Waiting Indication - Residence signals that a message is in a voice mailbox and is waiting to be retrieved. There are three different ways in which Message Waiting Indication - Residence can be identified:

  • Audible - An interrupted dial tone is heard when the receiver is picked up indicating there is a new message.
  • Visual - A visual signal is generated when there is a new message (requires a visual device, such as an illuminating lamp).
  • A combination of both Audible and Visual is available which generates both an interrupted dial tone signal and a visual signal when new voice message(s) are waiting.

End-users who want a visual signal must purchase compatible equipment.

When Message Waiting Indication is activated, the end-user may call to retrieve the message or ignore the signal and place a call. Message Waiting Indication continues until the switch receives a deactivating signal from the voice messaging system.

There are three types of Message Waiting Indication:

Message Waiting Description USOC - Non CenturyLink Voice Mail USOC - CenturyLink Voice Mail (packaged with Voice Mail mailbox and Call Forwarding)
Audible only (interrupted dial tone) MWW VMJXA

For complete information on this package (including ordering), see Voice Messaging Service - Residence Only

Visual only (message light or signal) MV5 No Voice Messaging service is available with visual only as a message waiting indication.

Use USOC VMJXX. For complete information on this USOC (including ordering) see Mailbox Only - Residence Only

Audible and Visual M1W VMJXB

For complete information on this package (including ordering), see Voice Messaging Service - Residence Only

The sound of the Message Waiting Indication Residence - Audible differs depending on the switch type:

Switch Type Description
5ESS® and Ericsson 10 interrupted dial tone cycles, followed by a continuous dial tone.
DMS™-10 Two seconds of interrupted dial tone followed by a continuous dial tone.
DMS-100 Unchanged continuous interrupted dial tone (does not change to continuous dial tone until Message Waiting Indication - Residence feature is deactivated by retrieving messages).

A telephone set must be on-hook to receive signals for turning the message light on and off.

If the receiver is off-hook (talking, dialing, checking messages etc.) the central office will continuously try to deliver the signal. After 2 1/2 hours, the following happens:

Switch Type If phone is still off hook after 2 1/2 hours:
5ESS Switch will attempt to re-send the ON/OFF signal every 1/2 hour.
DMS-100 Switch will attempt to resend the ON signal only. The OFF signal will be lost.


Central office (CO) switches must be specially equipped to provide the various Message Waiting Indication features - Audible and/or Visual. On all new requests, contact your CenturyLink Service Manager to determine availability.

Additional information can be found in the Pre-Ordering Overview.

Compatibility & Restrictions

Feature/Service Rules/Restrictions
Alarm Services Message Waiting Indication Residence - Visual is not compatible with alarm-type services that function over the end-user's telephone line. The alarm company may receive false alarms or no alarms. Also, Message Waiting Indication - Visual signals may be turned off due to interference from the alarm service.

End-users should check with their alarm company before installing Message Waiting Indication with a visual signal.

Party Lines All types of Message Waiting Indication-Residence are incompatible with party line service.


Rate Structure

Message Waiting Indication - Residence may have a recurring and a nonrecurring charge based on state specific Tariffs/Catalogs/Price Lists.


Retail rates for this feature can be found in the state specific Tariffs/Catalogs/Price Lists.

Rates and/or discounts are available in Exhibit A or the specific rate sheet in your Interconnection or Resale Agreement.


Ordering Rules

Additional information on ordering can be found in the Ordering Overview.

Feature Activity Types (Action Codes)

The valid Feature Activity Types are:

  • D = Disconnect
  • N = Add

NOTE: When changing from one feature to another, use N and D Feature Activity Types.

Feature Codes (USOCs)

Message Waiting Indication - Audible, Visual, Audible/Visual are identified by the following USOCs:
  Message Waiting Indication - Audible Message Waiting Indication - Visual Message Waiting Indication - Audible/Visual




Feature Detail (FID and Data Requirements)

Include the FID TN and the 10-digit telephone number in the Feature Detail when the account is multi-line; e.g., N M1W /TN NPA-nnn-nnnn

Adding Message Waiting Indication - Audible, Visual or Audible/Visual

This feature is ordered by including:

  • Feature Activity Type N and the appropriate USOC from the Feature Codes table

Removing Message Waiting Indication - Audible, Visual or Audible/Visual

This feature is removed by including:

  • Feature Activity Type D and the appropriate USOC

DMS-10 CO switch:

If you are the end-user's Enhanced Service Provider (ESP) (Voice Mail Provider) as well as their Local Service Provider, and if you are using Message Delivery Service Interoffice (MDSI) Non-Hub to provision voice mail for the first time in a DMS-10 CO switch type, contact your CenturyLink Service Manager to establish a Message Desk number for the end-user's CO prior to requesting CenturyLink Message Waiting.

If you are not the end-user's ESP, this task will be performed by the ESP. Providing the ESP name in REMARKS, as explained below, will enable CenturyLink to determine the correct Message Desk number.

When ordering a Voice Messaging Package or Message Waiting Indicator feature in a DMS™-10 Central Office, you must provide the following information :

  • Use a manual indicator of: Y (yes)
  • Add a remark with the name of the Voice Mail Provider (even if it is CenturyLink)

5ESS CO switch:

The Message Service System (MSS) Field Identifier (FID) is required in 5ESS, 5RSM & 5ORM Central Office switch types if the voice messaging provider is other than CenturyLink. The following data must be entered on the service request following the MSS FID in Feature


Feature MDS MDSI
Audible-Visual *MSAAVM *MSAAVM

When removing the Message Waiting indicator in the 5ESS, 5RSM & 5ORM Central Office switch types, you must also show the removal of the MSS FID data on any additional USOCs where it appears.

Maintenance and Repair

Occasionally an end-user may call because Message Waiting Indication is not working. To handle these issues, refer to the chart below.

NOTE: If CenturyLink is not the provider of the voice messaging service, you may need to open a repair ticket with the non-CenturyLink voice mail provider.

MWI Feature MWI Complaint Take the following steps:
All Won't go away even though message retrieved Tell the end-user to leave another message, then retrieve and delete it. If this doesn't work, open a repair ticket.
All Was working originally, but stopped Open a repair ticket
MWI - Audible Working intermittently Open a repair ticket
MWI - All Not working on a new request
  1. Verify that the CO is equipped.
  2. Verify order completed accurately
  3. If issue still can't be resolved, open a repair ticket.

Last Update: March 23, 2015