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Local Service Ordering Guidelines

This material listed here documents CenturyLink™'s Local Services Ordering Guidelines (LSOG). The information presents, in a downloadable format, CenturyLink's requirements for Pre-Ordering and Ordering of Local Interconnection products and services. These documents identify Order and Billing Forum (OBF) industry guidelines and CenturyLink specific requirements, additional fields and fields not currently utilized by CenturyLink.

In addition, the manual/fax forms for ordering Local Interconnection products and services have been modified to indicate fields not currently utilized by CenturyLink and to indicate additional CenturyLink specific fields.

The CenturyLink LSOG will be modified/updated to reflect your input as well as changes to Industry Guidelines, CenturyLink products/processes, etc. You will be notified via the CenturyLink CLEC Notification process whenever changes and/or modifications are made to this documentation.

Within each downloadable document you will find links to the associated forms listed in the material. If you are a facilities based CLEC and would like to go right to the forms section, click here.

If you are a resale provider and would like to go right to the forms section, click here.

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Last Update: March 9, 2020