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Downloading ArcExplorer

  1. Go to the download site for ArcExplorer: http://resources.esri.com/arcgisexplorer/900/index.cfm?fa=download
  2. Download the ArcExplorer Users Guide (this file will download as a pdf you need Adobe Acrobat reader to view the document)
  3. Download ArcExplorer (this file will download as a zipped file, this can be unzipped using WinZip)
    - you must register with ESRI before downloading
    - this can be done by clicking on the register hyperlink on the download page
  4. Once downloaded double-click on the file and extract it to the desired location on your hard drive
  5. Once extracted double-click on ae2setup.exe
  6. Follow the setup instructions, the default settings should be adequate.
  7. Once installed you are able to use ArcExplorer, refer to the ArcExplorer Users guide or the Help menu to answer any questions.