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Course Description

This self-directed, web-based training provides information about submitting ASR's, creating reports, and validating customer information while using EASE VFO. The EASE VFO application allows customers to create, submit, and manage ASRs through a GUI that includes several built-in features and functions which ensure easy and efficient ASR processing.

Course Objectives

The course goal is to provide the information necessary for customers to use EASE VFO to submit ASRs. The course is benefit oriented, stressing ease of use, reduction of errors, and improvement of flowthrough quality of orders, timeliness and FOC delivery.

The web-based training includes an overview, demonstration, and practice with the features and capabilities of EASE ASR VFO.

Upon completion of this training course, you will be able to:

  • Log on
  • Navigate
  • Preorder CenturyLink addresses and Connecting Facility Assignments (CFAs) for ASR
  • Initiate and submit ASRs
  • Initiate supplement orders
  • Create order templates
  • Track pending and completed orders
  • View pertinent ASR information such as Firm Order Confirmations (FOCs), Clarification Notifications (Rejections), Jeopardies, Completions, and Design Layout Records (DLRs)
  • Perform assigned order tasks (Internal CenturyLink employees only).



The target audience for the training is CLECs, Resellers, IXCs, Wireless, and ILECs. This training will assist you in the use of the EASE VFO to input ASRs and allow you to be more effective in submitting ASRs.

Course Length

This course takes approximately 3 hours to complete.

Course Registration