Wholesale: Products & Services

Local CenturyLink™ 101 "Doing Business with CenturyLink"

Course Description

This introductory, web-based training is designed to teach the Local CLEC and Local Reseller how to do business with CenturyLink Wholesale. It provides a general overview of products and services, CenturyLink billing and support systems, processes for submitting service requests, reports, and web resource information.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this training course, you will be able to:

  • Identify CenturyLink's customers
  • List the states and regions in CenturyLink's Local territory
  • Describe the process to become a CLEC or Reseller
  • Familiarize yourself with CenturyLink Wholesale Local general business procedures.
  • Explain the processes for submitting service requests
  • Distinguish between the Local products and services offered by CenturyLink
  • Identify CenturyLink Operational Support Systems (OSS)
  • Differentiate between CenturyLink billing systems
  • Describe CenturyLink Reports and Reporting tools
  • State the role of the CenturyLink Account Management team
  • Access web resources


  • Basic Telephony course and/or equivalent industry experience
  • IMA GUI Web-based Training or working knowledge of CenturyLink IMA ordering system


The target audience for this training is primarily Local CLECs and External customers planning to do business in CenturyLink's 14 Local states, but the training is available to anyone who would like an overview of the subject.

Course Length

This course takes approximately 6 hours to complete.

Course Registration