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Product Pricer – IP Solutions Enhancements


Any users who currently quote IP Solutions (aka DIA, Internet Port, Private Port, Enhanced Port) in Product Pricer.

Course Objectives

Product Pricer released a major update on February 29, 2012. IP Solutions service was the main focus and received the following enhancements:

  • Dedicated Internet was renamed "IP Solutions - Internet Port". This change brings all the IP Solutions port types together under a single product umbrella in the tool.
  • IP Solutions was converted to the new quoting platform currently used with QCC Domestic Private Line and QCC E-Line. The features you have become accustomed to in the new platform now apply to IP Solutions, including:
    • On-Net Address Validations
    • Edit/Re-price and copy/edit features
    • Load Quote, Quote Lookup, and Search
    • 1-3 year term access pricing
  • Port configuration options are placed ahead of loop configuration in the quote flow, and attributes (billing types, port speeds) are driven by what is available in your contract (when applicable). In addition, loop configuration options are constrained based on the port configuration (e.g., only Ethernet loop types are available with an Ethernet Port configuration).


  • Working knowledge of creating quotes through the Product Pricer system.
  • Product Pricer


The target audience of this training is the existing users of the Product Pricer quoting application.

Course Length

This webinar training course takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

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