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A Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) or Reseller may request an Interconnection or Resale Agreement with CenturyLink by submitting the Agreement Request Form shown in the Getting Started Step 2. After completing the form, please email it to intagree@centurylink.com.

Please review the Template Agreements on this web site. The Agreements may be adopted “as is” and quickly executed or may be used as the starting point for negotiations of an Agreement. If you intend to negotiate the agreement, please propose your modifications using the redline format to identify and track any requested changes. The Templates are set up to use that process. Where there is state specific language required, CenturyLink will include that language in the agreement. State Commissions require state specific language to be part of the Agreement.

CenturyLink will create the final Interconnection Agreement with your Customer specific information. The Agreement will be sent electronically for your review and signature. If you sign the agreement electronically, the document will automatically be forwarded to CenturyLink for final execution. Upon that execution, you will immediately be sent a fully executed copy of the document via email. If you prefer to sign a hard copy, please print and sign and date the signature page and return it to the Manager-Interconnection Agreements at the address below. CenturyLink will execute and return a copy of the final signature page to you. The fully executed Agreement will be filed with the appropriate state Commission.

All document requests must be provided to:

For Interconnection Agreements:
Fill out the Agreement Request Form and email to intagree@lumen.com

For questions unrelated to CenturyLink's Wholesale Interconnection products and services, call 800-899-7780. You may also refer to Wholesale Customer Contact for additional Wholesale Customer Contacts within CenturyLink.

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State Specific Language

(Applies to all agreements)

CenturyLink- CMRS Agreement

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November 30, 2022