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CenturyLink Easy Access - Residence and Business - V15.0

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Product Description

CenturyLink Easy Access is an Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) product that is an abbreviated dialing code (*98). It is designed to dial the retrieval number of the end-user's Voice Mail Response Unit.

CenturyLink Easy Access operates by dialing an abbreviated code of *98 from the line that the feature is programmed on. It automatically dials the local or toll free number that is pre-programmed. This is done through AIN technology.

If an end-user has multiple lines and would like Easy Access on more than one line, the service must be added to each line.

Lines with CenturyLink Voice Messaging (USOC SQAV2):

  • The service will be provided at no charge as an added benefit for end-users in available areas on any compatible line that has a MDS or MDSI CenturyLink Voice Messaging Mailbox or Transfer Mailbox. This USOC will be automatically system generated.

    NOTE: CenturyLink may convert the USOC SQAV2 to the USOC SQAVX in certain number porting situations to ensure the end-user is forwarded to the correct Central Office.

Lines without CenturyLink Voice Messaging (USOC SQAVX):

  • The service may be provided at a charge for lines that do not have a Message Delivery Service (MDS) or MDS CenturyLink Voice Messaging Mailbox USOC, but do have compatible service in an AIN available switch and a desire to speed dial a number with *98.


CenturyLink Easy Access is available in select , 5ESS® and DMS™-100 central offices where AIN is available.

It is only available on Simple Residence and Simple Business accounts.

CenturyLink Easy Access can only dial a preprogrammed local or toll free number.

CenturyLink Easy Access is not available in:

  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID®) Mailboxes
  • Pseudo Mailboxes
  • Customized Call Management Services (CCMS)/Centron® Services
  • Centrex Plus
  • Centrex Prime®
  • DID Trunks
  • ISDN
  • PBX Trunks

Additional information can be found in the Pre-Ordering Overview.

Compatibility & Restrictions

Feature/Service Rules/Restrictions
Business Voice Message Service Choice Compatible

CenturyLink Easy Access is available as an abbreviated dialing to retrieve messages on Message Delivery Service Mailboxes. It cannot be used to retrieve messages in a Direct Inward Dial or PSEUDO mailbox

CallCurfew® Limited compatibility

Do not offer Easy Access with CallCurfew. It is compatible however, end-users will be able to dial Easy Access or *98 when CallCurfew is active. This is not optional.

Centrex 21

It is available on Centrex 21 in a 5ESS and DM-100 Central Office where ever Easy Access is available.

CustomChoice® Residence and Business

NOTE: CustomChoice® Packages - Residence are grandparented effective May 5, 2003 and are not available as a new service.
Custom Ringing Service Not compatible
Dial Lock® Not compatible
Integrated Mailbox Not compatible
Listen Only Mailboxes Not compatible
MDS Mailbox Compatible
Multi-line Hunting CenturyLink Easy Access is only available on the first terminal (TER 1) of a multi-line hunt group.
High-Speed Internet Compatible
Transfer Mailboxes Compatible
Voice Messaging Service - Residence Only Compatible


Rate Structure

CenturyLink Easy Access with CenturyLink Voice Messaging Service will be provided at no charge. CenturyLink Easy Access without CenturyLink Voice Messaging Service may have a recurring and a nonrecurring charge based on state specific Tariffs/Catalogs/Price Lists.


Retail rates for this feature can be found in the state specific Tariffs/Catalogs/Price Lists.

Rates and/or discounts are available in Exhibit A or the specific rate sheet in your Interconnection or Resale Agreement.


Ordering Rules

Additional information on ordering can be found in the Ordering Overview.

Feature Activity Types (Action Codes)

The valid Feature Activity Types are:

  • D = Disconnect
  • N = Add

NOTE: When changing from one feature to another, use N and D Feature Activity Types.

Feature Codes (USOCs)

CenturyLink Easy Access is identified by using the following USOCs:



CenturyLink Easy Access

Centrex 21




  • Note: To speed dial any non-CenturyLink Voice Messaging Service the USOC is SQAVX.

Feature Detail (FID and Data Requirements)

The FID CFN (Call Forward Number) followed by the telephone number automatically dialed is required after the USOC SQAVX.

Adding CenturyLink Easy Access Without CenturyLink Voice Messaging or Transfer Mailbox

This feature is ordered by including:

  • Feature Activity Type N and the appropriate USOC from the Feature Codes table
  • Feature Detail requires the FID CFN following the USOC SQAVX; e.g., N SQAVX /CFN NPA nnn-nnnn

Removing CenturyLink Easy Access Without CenturyLink Voice Messaging or Transfer Mailbox

This feature is removed by including:

  • Feature Activity Type D and the appropriate USOC

Last Update: March 19, 2015