IP Solutions

CenturyLink IP Solutions

With business-ready Internet and connectivity solutions over our advanced fiber-optic network—plus the tools you need to leverage it-we're ready to drive your company's growth.

IP Solutions Internet Service

Deliver Cost-Effective Enterprise Communications with CenturyLink IP Solutions Internet Port

To maximize the agility of your virtual enterprise, you need to be able to deliver reliable high-speed Internet access to your branch offices and mobile employees while controlling costs. IQ Internet Port service provides scalable Internet connectivity at industry-leading customer access speeds, customized to meet your needs, from supporting high-volume e-mail and application hosting, to e-commerce applications and multimedia streaming, to integrated customer premises equipment (CPE) solutions, international connectivity, and integrated management services.

IP Solutions MPLS/VPN Service

The core connectivity services that run your business.

Today's fast-moving, competitive environment requires absolute VPN reliability. At the same time, you need a way to meet diverse communications needs while keeping costs as low as possible. With CenturyLink IP Solutions Private Port which serves VPN networks at both the Layer 3(IP VPN) and Layer 2(VPLS), you can meet both needs by cost-effectively combining your voice and data applications onto a single, flexible, and scalable VPN.

Based on the CenturyLink IP network, one of the most advanced networks available, the service is isolated from the public Internet to provide better security and reliability of your business VPN services. Multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) and flexible quality of service (QoS) let you segment and prioritize data traffic throughout your network to create the ideal high-performance environment for voice over IP (VoIP), video, and other bandwidth-intensive business applications.