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Module 2: LIS Overview

LIS Summary

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Local Interconnection Services (LIS)
          LIS Trunking Summary
You have completed the LIS Trunking Overview Module. As you study the other topics, keep in mind what you’ve learned in this module:

  1. Local Interconnection Service (LIS) is a bundled and trunk side service providing switching and transport for the mutual exchange of traffic that originates and terminates within a Local Calling Area (LCA) or an Extended Area Service (EAS) area.

  2. Since LIS Trunking is a bundled service, CenturyLink will provision, on your behalf, all connections necessary for complete connectivity between the CLECs POI and the CenturyLink network.

  3. CenturyLink uses “512 Busy Hours CCS” (512 CCS) to any single end office as the benchmark to determine when the CLEC will be required to move traffic off of tandem trunks and establish separate trunk groups directly from the CLEC POI to end offices.
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