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Module 3: Trunk Group Types

Trunk Group Types

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Local Interconnection Services (LIS)
  There are different types of LIS Trunking.
CLECs will work with their CenturyLink Sales and Service Team when assistance is needed to analyze specific needs for LIS Trunking requirements and options. To do this, CLECs must be familiar with trunks and different types of trunking groups.

A trunk connects two switch systems. LIS Trunking connects the CLEC’s POI to the CenturyLink network. Trunks can be designed to carry either one-way or two-way traffic.

One-way trunks carry information in only one direction either from the CLEC to CenturyLink or CenturyLink to the CLEC.

Two-way trunks carry traffic to and from both the CLEC and CenturyLink, in both directions, over the same trunk. Two-way trunks are always preferred because they are more efficient and less costly.

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