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Module 3: Trunk Group Types

Trunk Group Types

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Local Interconnection Services (LIS)
          Trunk Group Types
A trunk Group is a group of trunks that all originate and end in the same locations, are provisioned in the same way, and carry the same type of traffic. CLECs may be required to purchase several different trunk groups in order to provide their users with a full range of services. Unless otherwise outlined in your contract, CLECs must have a separate trunk group for each of the following types of traffic.

  1. Local/EAS Traffic

  2. Combined Exchange Access (IntraLATA Non-IXC Toll) and JPSA (InterLATA and IntraLATA IXC SA)

  3. Directory Assistance (DA)

  4. 911/E911 Services

  5. Operator Services

  6. Mass Calling (choke network)

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