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Module 5: Ordering Options

ASR Form

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Local Interconnection Services (LIS)

Want to know what goes on the form?

          ASR Form
To order LIS Trunking, specify the following information on the ASR form:

  • Type and number of interconnection facilities to terminate at the POI in the SWC.

  • Type of interoffice transport (i.e., Direct Trunked (DTT) or Tandem Transmission).

  • The number of trunks to be provisioned at a local exchange office or local tandem.

  • Optional features.
At times, you may request facilities, routing, or optional features different than those determined to be available. In these situations, you and CenturyLink will work cooperatively to determine an acceptable configuration based on available facilities, equipment, and routing plans.

Click here for a comprehensive list of ASR requirements.

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