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Module 9: JPSA

Billing Percentages

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Local Interconnection Services (LIS)
Once two providers have agreed to jointly provide Access Services to an IXC, how will the IXC get billed?

Each provider will file end office information in the NECA 4 Tariff. The providers will agree on a Billing Percentage (BP) of the shared transport, and file this BP in the NECA 4 Tariff.

Then both providers will each render a separate bill to the IXC customer.

Billing Percentages (BPs) are listed by service type for each A to Z location between which access services are provided on a Meet Point basis. The sum of the BPs filed for each route must equal 100 percent. For each A to Z locations, the involved providers must agree, in writing, to their respective BPs.

The industry reference for listing end point locations, BPs and the providers involved in an MPB environment is NECA Tariff FCC No. 4.
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