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Module 9: JPSA


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Local Interconnection Services (LIS)

That's it! Now, for a recap.

          JPSA Summary
If you are interested in additional information regarding Jointly Provided Access Services, contact your CenturyLink Sales Executive. Here is a summary of what you have learned in this module:

  • Jointly Provided Access Service is when an IXC receives access service that is Co-Provided by more than one LEC.
  • The method of billing the IXC is "Meet Point Billing."
  • A providerís customer in Jointly Provided Access Services are the IXCs, or long distance companies.
  • The MECAB describes the standards for billing these access services.
  • The MECOD document describes the standards for processing orders for these access services.
  • Before either CLEC can Meet Point Bill IXCs for Jointly Provided Switched Access services, a number of activities must occur.
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