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Module 2: Product Description

Call Scenarios

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Local Number Portability
Again, the diagram illustrates a scenario for a Wireless Long Distance Call.

Scenario 10

Local call outside ported area - LEC without LNP/LRN capability; Conforming IXC:

  1. Caller B makes a call within their Local Calling Area (LCA), but from outside the MSA and ported area, to Caller C.

  2. LEC-4 is the N-1 carrier and, at some time, may be required to perform the "database dip" to determine the LRN to route the call to LEC-2. Until that time, LEC-4 may rely on LEC-1 (or LEC-2) to terminate default routed calls.
  3. IXC-1 is the designated N-1 carrier, and has the responsibility to determine the LRN by performing a "database dip" and routing the call to LEC-2. If IXC-1 does not have a direct connection to LEC-2, calls may be terminated through tandem agreement with LEC-1
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