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Module 4: Deployment Requirements

SS7 Requirements

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Local Number Portability
Another major set of LNP deployment requirements that are important for you to know are SS7 Requirements.

The service provider's SS7 network must follow the industry standards established for LNP. Additionally, there are impacts to the Line Information Database (LIDB), Calling Name (CNAM), Custom Local Area Signaling Services (CLASS), and Inter-Switched Voice Messaging services as a result of the industry standards.

It is critical that the CenturyLink Account Team, the service provider, and each company's SS7 technical experts review the requirements and the specific deployment plans of the service provider as related to the above SS7 message queries.

The use of an independent SS7 Network and/or SS7 hub provider could introduce additional requirements. If there is another provider of SS7 service involved, that provider should also be a part of the requirements review.

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