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Module 4: Deployment Requirements

E911 Requirements

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Local Number Portability
All service providers need to connect to the E911 network, as required by the state or municipality. Requirements will include specific trunking arrangements, default routing, and data generation. The state or municipality should be contacted by the CLEC to determine the requirements for the metro area or state.

As agreed to by the Cross-Regional LNP Operations Team, all carriers must adhere to the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) requirements for LNP. This requires that the Company ID be passed to the E911 database, along with the CLEC Company ID and other data elements from the Service Order.

There is a particular data structure that must be followed, along with the use of specific function indicators, for example, Unlock, Modify, etc.

The NENA document for LNP can be found by calling NENA at 1-800-332-3911, or on their web site: NENA

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