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Module 4: Deployment Requirements

Other Network Requirements

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Local Number Portability
          Information Sharing
There are other network requirements that service providers need to know, since it is important that you understand how your vendor implemented these requirements.

These requirements, along with the sources of technical publications in which they can be found, include:

  • Switch Requirements- Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) and Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions T1 Subcommittee on Number Portability (ATIS-T1S1.6)
  • Operator Services Requirements- ICC & T1S1.6
  • Service Control Point (SCP) Requirements- ICC, T1S1.6 & ATIS Subcommittee on Common Channel Signaling (T1S1.3)
  • NPAC Interface Requirements for Service Management Systems (SMS)- Functional Requirements Specifications (FRS) and Inter-Operable Interface Specifications (IIS)
  • Local Service Management System (LSMS) Interaction Low Tech Interface (LTI)

These requirements can be found at the following Websites:




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