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Module 5: Ordering

Order Forms

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Local Number Portability
          LNP Using LSR, EU, & NP Forms
Ordering standards are developed at the National Ordering and Billing Forum (OBF). The ordering and billing forms approved at these forums then become the approved industry standard, and are referred to as OBF forms. LNP can be ordered through the Interconnect Mediated Access (IMA) Graphical User Interface (GUI), or via XML. Standard paper forms can also be faxed.

The requesting service provider is required to accurately complete three forms to establish number portability. They would use the LSR, EU, and the NP or LSNP forms for Port Out, and they would use the appropriate product forms for Port In or Port Within.

CLECs may continue to use the LSR, EU, and NP forms as they do today for Number Porting, with their request validated using the TN and SANO fields.

CLECs may also choose to use the Simple Port Request form as described on the following pages; the SPR process is an option as long as CLEC Number Port request meet the requirements mandated by the FCC; for more information click on the Next button.

For more information on the required forms and fields, review the LNP PCAT and the LSOG.

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