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Module 6: Service Order Management

Port Out Example

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Local Number Portability
Below is an example of the steps taken in the Port Out process for 1-10 simple lines. The steps for 11 or more lines, or complex services, will be the same. See the Service Interval Guide for timing intervals, which will be based on standard intervals for the specific product type.

Step 1 - CLEC completes sale to new end-user, validates CSR, and completes LSR forms.
New Network Service Provider (NNSP) submits service request to CenturyLink.

Step 2 - CenturyLink receives LSR and processes request. CenturyLink provides FOC to NNSP and submits request. Subscription is created at NPAC. Data transmitted to E911.

Step 3 - CLEC receives FOC and sends create message to NPAC to match subscription activity.

Step 4 - CenturyLink sets 10 digit unconditional trigger.

Step 5 - NNSP sends activation to NPAC to port TN on DD/FDT. NPAC broadcast sent to all Service Providers. Broadcast received, number is ported to NNSP. CenturyLink service order is completed.

Step 6 - Service Order completed.

Step 7 - Disconnect and removal of switch translations is completed in CenturyLink switch.

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