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Getting Started as a Facility-Based Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) - V42.0

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Doing business with CenturyLink™ as a Facility-Based Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) is simple if you follow the steps listed below and use our detailed checklist as your guide.

The links on the left of this web page will guide you to additional background and procedural information that will be useful as you establish your relationship with CenturyLink.

Step 1

Start here to begin the process by downloading our Getting Started as a CLEC Checklist. You'll find a list of requirements and activities to start the process of becoming a Facility-Based CLEC.

Step 2

Obtain certification, registration, or other requirements as established by rule or law by contacting the State Public Utility Commission or agency in the state(s) in which you will interconnect with CenturyLink.

Step 3

For Interconnection Agreements:
Contact intagree@lumen.com.

  • Fill out the Agreement Request Form and email to intagree@lumen.com
  • CenturyLink offers a Negotiations Template Agreement (NTA)
  • You also have the option to "opt-in" to existing agreement(s), in its entirety. By opting-in to another CLECs' agreement, you assume the terms and conditions of that agreement, including the expiration date of that agreement. To review the approved, adoptable CLEC Agreements you can contact the Manager - Interconnection Agreements.
  • You can also negotiate a new contract using the CenturyLink NTA.
  • CO offers a Tariff for interconnections Services

For Commercial Agreements:
Contact the intagree@lumen.com.

The Negotiation Process, provides detailed information about how you and CenturyLink will work through the negotiation process. Refer to Negotiations Template or Commercial Agreements to download, for your review, the appropriate agreement template(s) based on the state(s) you will be entering business as a Facility-Based CLEC.

Step 4

As a new customer, you will need to submit our Customer Questionnaire so we know your unique needs. Refer to Customer Questionnaire. Contact your CenturyLink Sales Executive if you need assistance.

Step 5

Once your pending Interconnection or Commercial Agreement is in place, and you have submitted the required sections identified in our Customer Questionnaire, further define your CenturyLink relationship by completing the network interconnection activities outlined in our Getting Started as a CLEC Checklist.

Step 6

You have an opportunity to collocate anywhere within CenturyLink QC. CenturyLink's advanced network and experience as a telecommunications provider can help give you a competitive edge using our points of interconnection as a CLEC.

Step 7

Once you have a signed Interconnection Agreement, pending Commission approval, or a Commercial Agreement and have completed all relevant sections of the Customer Questionnaires, you are ready to order the CenturyLink products and services that will best serve your end-users.

  • Facility-Based CLEC Products and Services
    Visit our Facility-Based CLEC web site and select the View Products and Services drop-down menu, at the bottom of the page, to learn about our CLEC Products and Services. You can also review our Business Procedures by choosing a topic under the View Business Procedures drop-down menu.

  • Opportunity For Earlier Ordering for Interconnection Agreements products
    As a Facility-Based CLEC you have an opportunity for CenturyLink to process your orders while your signed Interconnect Agreements are pending commission approval. Although our internal setup requirements to accept live orders are the same, the opportunity to begin earlier should not be ignored. CenturyLink will team with you to accomplish earlier ordering once you execute an Early Ordering Letter Agreement, (example) and complete your Customer Questionnaire. To request an original Early Ordering Letter Agreement, contact your CenturyLink Interconnection Negotiator or your CenturyLink Sales Executive. CenturyLink will implement your request in the order in which the completed information was received.

Last Update: June 6, 2022