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Distribution Area (DA) Maps Tool

The Distribution Area (DA) Map is at a wire center level and used to determine which DAs serve a particular area. DA Maps are used to determine service area coverage through collocation in a particular network cabinet.

DA Maps are used on the following products or services and contains the DA number that is needed on the order form:

These maps are generated electronically, so to request a specific DA map, verified by Outside Plant personnel, the Remote Collocation Application Remote Distibution Area (DA) Map Request form is found in the General Collocation PCAT under the Applications and Alternate Point of Termination (APOT) Forms - Remote Collocation section.

Note: Be cautioned that the Distribution Areas may change due to engineering, right-of-way, or unforeseen difficulties, and if there are DA numbers that are NXXXXN (e.g. 299999 or 399997), these are areas that do not have any service requirements.

ArcExplorer software is required to view the DA Maps. Once ArcExplorer is loaded, please login below to begin viewing the DA Maps.

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