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The Best LNP Query Solution

Meet the FCC mandate and deploy an efficient and reliable system.

The Federal Communications (FCC) stipulates who is responsible for performing Local Number Portability (LNP) queries for each type of call. If the designated carrier cannot, or does not, perform the query, the FCC requires the terminating local service provider to handle the query on a default basis and permits that provider to charge the designated carrier for the query. Although each default query costs only a fraction of a cent, the total for all your queries can add up.

If you are Signaling System 7 (SS7) capable, you can fulfill your querying responsibility yourself, and substantially reduce the cost of LNP queries in the CenturyLink QC, by ordering CenturyLink™'s LNP Query Service.

Benefits for You

  • Fulfills your LNP query responsibility at one-third or less of the cost of default queries.
  • Requires no investment in new equipment or LNP database development because your links to CenturyLink are already in place.
  • Is available quickly - within seven business days.
  • Details charges on your existing CenturyLink bill in the SS7 section.

How to Get Started

If you have questions about CenturyLink's LNP Query Service and its application in your company, or if you would like to order service, contact you CenturyLink Account Manager or Service Manager. You can also click here to view a comprehensive LNP Query Service Guide.

Once your order is submitted, we'll initiate the required global title translations in our local STPs. Your LNP Query Service will be up and running within seven business days and you'll be saving money with every query.

If you're new to the Interconnection business please click here to review the steps necessary to do business with CenturyLink Wholesale.

Product Sheet

Please click here to view and print a LNP Query Service Product Sheet.

Last Update: August 8, 2011