Control Center Ticketing

Control Center Ticketing

You can submit repair tickets and view their status in Control Center.

First, sign in to Control Center and then click on Ticketing.


Control Center will show all tickets created in the last 90 days, including any tickets CenturyLink has created for you. By default, tickets are organized by the date the ticket was created (starting with the newest). The Status column shows the status for each ticket: NewAssignedPendingClosedCanceled.

screenshot from Control Center - Ticketing

How to create a repair ticket

  1. Click Open a new ticket.
screenshot from Control Center - Ticketing - Create Ticket
  1. From the list, select the number you need to open a repair ticket for.
  1. Fill in the information for the ticket.

How to view the status of repair tickets

  1. To view details for a ticket, click anywhere on the row for the ticket.

    Control Center displays details for the ticket you selected.
screenshot from Control Center - Ticket Details

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