Updating your web browser

If you're having trouble getting web pages to load quickly, and struggling to get the system to do what you expect it should do, your web browser could be the cause of all the frustration.

CenturyLink web sites works best with the following browsers:

  • Chrome version 45 and higher (Mac and Windows)
  • Firefox version 43 and higher (Mac and Windows)
  • Edge version 15 and higher (Windows only)

To begin fixing the problem, figure out which browser you're using, and then, decide if you need to update the version you're on, change to a different type of browser, or clear the cache of your browser. Also, if you're wondering which browser you're using (including the version), it's easy to automatically check it.

If you're having problems loading the site, you might have more luck if you updated the browser software you're using or try a different browser.

Links to browser download pages include:

Before downloading new software to your computer, be sure you're accessing a reliable source and your files are properly backed up.

If you have the latest version of your browser, but still are experiencing problems viewing CenturyLink information, you may need to clear your cache, cookies, and browsing history, or go directly to the suppoort site for your web browser. The best resource for updating or troubleshooting your web browser is the browser support page. 

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