Wholesale: Products and Services

Getting Started as a National and International Wholesale Customer

Doing business with CenturyLink™ as a National or International Wholesale Customer is simple if you follow the steps listed below.

Step 1

Identify your CenturyLink Sales Representative

If you are not an existing CenturyLink Wholesale Customer, visit our New Customer Web page. If you are an existing CenturyLink Wholesale Customer, visit the CenturyLink Wholesale Team Tool (CWTT) to find your appropriate contact information.

Step 2

To get started with CenturyLink you will need to complete and sign a NonDisclosure Agreement (NDA) Form and the CenturyLink Federal Universal Service Fund Annual Certification Form. These forms can be obtained from your CenturyLink Sales Representative. Send the completed and signed forms to the CenturyLink Wholesale Contract Administration Group at:

CenturyLink Communication Corporation
Attention: Wholesale Contracts Administration
1801 California Street, 24th Floor
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 303 992-1400
Facsimilie: 303 896-7473
Email: wholesale.contracts@centurylink.com

Step 3

When CenturyLink has received your signed NonDisclosure Agreement, you and your CenturyLink Sales Representative are able to begin negotiating a contract with CenturyLink.  The CenturyLink Sales Representative will contact you.  To facilitate a credit review, please complete a CenturyLink Wholesale Domestic/International Credit Application. Return the completed application to your CenturyLink Sales Representative via Fax or email with the scanned document attached. Instructions are available for assistance in completing the credit applications,

Step 4

As a new customer, you will need to complete the National and International Customer Questionnaire so CenturyLink understands your unique needs.  To obtain a copy, see National and International Customer Questionnaire. Contact the National and International Account Setup Team if you need assistance:

After CenturyLink receives your completed Customer Questionnaire, you will be contacted by a representative from the Account Setup Team who will arrange an introductory call and provide you with information needed to complete the setup of your account in the Control Center tool, CenturyLink wholesale's on-line ordering and account management system.

Step 5

Once your contract is fully executed, and your Control Center account setup is complete, you are ready to order the CenturyLink products and services that will best serve your needs.

To order CenturyLink products:

On-line order forms are obtained in Remote Control. Remote Control is an on-line, real-time order entry, processing, and reporting system available via Control Center. If you are a new customer, please contact your CenturyLink Sales Representative for access. Remote Control offers electronic Ordering, Online Order Forms, and in some cases, access to manual order forms.

General ordering activities are described in the National and International Ordering Overview. For additional information, current CenturyLink National customers can log into the Business Procedure & Technical Documentation Section on the centurylink.com website.

Step 6

View all CenturyLink training courses by clicking on the Course Catalog.

Customer Training Support

Wholesale Customer Care Support assists training customers on Remote Control. There are classes for Switched and Dedicated Services including a general overview of Remote Control. Please contact your Sales Representative to schedule a class.


CenturyLink provides Products and Services throughout CenturyLink QC.  Certain Products and Services are subject to availability of facilities.


For additional information, current CenturyLink National customers can log into the Business Procedure & Technical Documentation Section on the centurylink.com website.

Last Update: May 22, 2017

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