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Toll Free Traffic Using Carrier Identification Code 0110

Notice Date: April 25, 2011

This notice concerns toll free (1+8YY) traffic that is terminated to CLEC end-users utilizing Carrier Identification Code (CIC) 0110.

All toll free numbers (1+8YY) in the North American Numbering Plan are contained in the Service Management System/800 (SMS/800) database, along with electronic records for each of those toll free numbers. The electronic records in the SMS/800 database are created by Responsible Organizations (RespOrgs) that have registered to use the database, and have acquired rights to reserve and manage toll free numbers.

The electronic records in the SMS/800 database include the Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) numbers (area code + NXX-XXX) to which toll free calls will ultimately be routed when a particular 8YY number is dialed. The electronic records also contain the CIC of the Interexchange Carriers (IXCs) that are designated to transport the toll free calls to each particular POTS number associated with an 8YY number. However, some RespOrgs have been entering CIC 0110 into the SMS/800 database to cause certain toll free traffic to be routed over local trunks of Local Exchange Carriers (LECs), including the originating LEC.

Unless a CLEC has a written agreement with CenturyLink expressly authorizing the use of its network to carry toll free traffic using CIC 0110, the CLEC will be billed by CenturyLink for intrastate access charges relating to any toll free traffic transported on its local trunks, and ultimately terminated to the CLEC's end-user POTS numbers.

The SMS/800 database provides CLECs with the ability to restrict POTS numbers of its end-users from receiving toll free traffic that utilizes CIC 0110. In addition, CLECs can use the SMS/800 database to restrict the ability of RespOrgs to use CIC 0110 in connection with toll free traffic that is routed to the CLEC's POTS numbers.

For more information about the SMS/800 database, CLECs may visit the SMS/800 web site.

1 "Toll free service is an interexchange service in which subscribers agree in advance to pay for all calls made to them using a predesignated toll free telephone number." Fifth Report and Order, CC Docket 95-155, In the Matter of Toll Free Service Access Codes, Rel. June 28, 2000.

Last Update: July 18, 2017