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CLECs: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How can I find information about getting help with my local service orders that are being rejected by IRES?

Please contact the National Exchange Access Center (NEAC).

Is CenturyLink regulatory information available on the web?

Yes, regulatory information is available on the CenturyLink Regulatory Affairs page.

How do I expedite an order?

Please contact the Service Center where your order was submitted and ask for information regarding the possibility of the order being completed earlier than the Firm Order date; or contact your Sales Manager for assistance.

What are my deposit requirements?

Refer to your Resale Agreement or your Interconnection & Resale Agreement for deposit requirement language and terms. This information is also available in the deposit section of the Resale Guide or Unbundled Network Elements Guide. These can be found on the CLEC Guides page.


Is it possible to access repair ticket status information?

Current repair status for Resale and UNE Loop tickets is available on the web using WebRRS/Online Repair. If you are not a WebRRS/Online Repair user, please register. Otherwise, contact the Business Service Assurance Center (BSAC).

If you are a facility-based CLEC, ask your Sales Account Manager about access to Access Care to track Special and Switched Access tickets.

How do I escalate an open repair ticket?

Please contact the BSAC to request an escalation.

How do I request a Technician Meet?

You may request a technician meet (tech meet) to assist in the resolution of a chronic repair issue only for end-user service (at the same premises) for which you have previously submitted two or more trouble tickets for the same problem within the prior 30-day time period. Tickets closed due to "No Access to Premises" do not count towards this requirement.

You must contact the CLEC Repair group during normal business hours to request a tech meet. CenturyLink requires 24-hour advance notice for all tech meet requests.

Charges may apply if no trouble is found in the CenturyLink network.

Directory Services

Where can I find information about Directory services?

Information is also available in the Resale Guide or the Unbundled Network Elements Guide; available on the CenturyLink Wholesale guides page.

Where can I find information about yellow page advertising?

The CenturyLink Yellow Pages are published by R.H. Donnelley. Please contact them for information about directory advertising.

Where can I find information about white page proofs?

Please contact R.H. Donnelley's White Pages Proofing team at 423-844-1402, or you can use the CLEC Connection on the CenturyLink Yellow Pages web site (registration required).

Where do I find information about my company's listing in the phone book?

Your company's listing is located in the Information pages of the local phone book. This listing is free and must be verified annually with R.H. Donnelley.

How do I order additional phone books for my customers?

Please contact CenturyLink Yellow Pages to obtain additional directories.


Where can I find information about how to read my bill or invoice?

Please refer to the "Invoicing" section within the Resale Guide or the Unbundled Network Elements Guide located on the CLEC Guides page.

Where can I request a copy of my bill?

CenturyLink can provide a one-time copy of your invoice, please contact the NEAC. Please direct all inquiries for Resale and UNE services to the Decatur, IN center.

Please contact your Sales Manager to obtain details regarding delivery and charges if more than one copy is desired.

How can I pay my bill?

For all payment types, please submit your Return Document along with your payment to avoid late payment charges and ensure payments are posted to the correct accounts.

  • For ACH or wire transfer - please contact your Sales Manager for assistance.
  • For US Mail or Overnight, please refer to the "Invoicing" section within the Resale Guide or the Unbundled Network Elements Guide located on the CLEC Guides page.


How do I save a PDF form after I have filled it out?

You will need the latest version of Adobe Reader to submit forms on the CenturyLink Wholesale site. This software is available as a free download from Adobe.

When you begin typing in the form, you will see a dialog box with a warning that you will need the Standard or Professional versions of Acrobat in order to save the data from the form. Dismiss the dialog and continue entering text in the fields. Upon completion, you can print the form or click the Submit button for additional processing. You will not be able to save the form unless you have Acrobat Standard or Professional.

Last Update: May 30, 2018