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Collocation - CLEC and CenturyLink™ Cabling Receipt Overview - V8.0

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Following are the procedures that CenturyLink™, or its designated installation sub-contractors, will follow when taking possession of the cabling that connects CenturyLink Interconnection Distribution Frame(s) (ICDF) with your Collocation space.

If terms and conditions are included in your Interconnection Agreement regarding the Cable Receipt Process, and those terms differ from those set forth in this document, then the terms of the Interconnection Agreement may prevail.

There are two options for the procurement of transmission cabling between your presence and CenturyLink's network

  • CenturyLink provides the cabling (In the state of Washington contact your CenturyLink Service Manager for Cable options)
  • You may provide the cabling.

CenturyLink Provides the Cabling:

CenturyLink provides the equipment cables, associated cable racking and termination blocks required to connect your Central Office (CO) equipment to the ICDF frame. This material should be ordered in conjunction with your initial Collocation Application. If ordered after the Collocation Application has been processed, a change request must be submitted reflecting the requested modifications.

Standard rates have been developed by state for this nonrecurring charge. A standard recurring monthly charge for maintenance by state also applies. These charges will be included in your Collocation Quote.

You will be able to order equipment cable, cable racking and termination blocks related to ICDF frame terminations in the following increments:

  • Digital Signal Level 0 (DS0) - In blocks of 100 terminations
  • Digital Signal Level 1(DS1) - In increments of 1 termination
  • Digital Signal Level 3 (DS3) - In increments of 1 coaxial cable
  • Fiber - In increments of 12-fibers

To select this option specify in the Notes section of the Collocation Application form: "CenturyLink provision of ICDF Frame terminations per block." The cost for the equipment cable is included in the nonrecurring cost for the Collocation job.

You Provide the Cabling:

If you provide the cabling, as noted on the Collocation Application form, CenturyLink will engineer the cabling runs and provide information regarding the lengths of cabling required and other technical issues. CenturyLink will provide you with this information.

If you choose to deliver the cabling to a CenturyLink warehouse facility:

  • Contact the Network Project Manager the shipping address.
  • The cabling must be delivered to the warehouse facility at least three weeks prior to the job's scheduled Ready For Service (RFS) date.
  • The shipment must be clearly marked with:
  • the material contents (e.g., packing sheet)
  • the job's Billing Verification and Payment Process (BVAPP) number
  • the CO name
  • Your company name and contact information.
  • When the material has been delivered to the warehouse you will advise the Network Project Manager (via email).

If you deliver the cabling directly to a CenturyLink representative you must complete the following:

  • Contact the Network Project Manager to arrange delivery.
  • Your cabling must be provided to CenturyLink at least three weeks before RFS date

If your cabling is NOT available at least three weeks prior to RFS Date, contact the Network Proejct Manager and advise them of either an anticipated delivery date or your desire for CenturyLink to provide the cabling.

If you still want to provide the cabling:

  • CenturyLink will install the remainder of the job.
  • A new RFS date will be scheduled according to the date CenturyLink receives your cable.

You will receive an initial partial completion notification letter to advise you that your job is being put on CLEC Hold for delivery of cable and/or hardware.  If there is no response from you, CenturyLink will send notices pending this delivery at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and finally at the one year from the date when CenturyLink sends the initial partial completion notification letter. You will then have an additional 30 days to deliver your materials or CenturyLink will implement changes to your original request. CenturyLink will modify the original Application and Quote, removing the Entrance Facility specifications, and send you an updated copy with a 5th notification in order to complete and close the job. Outstanding charges will be assessed and billed to you via a revised quote. Any credits for work not completed will be issued on your account.

A New/Augment request will be required if you elect at a future date to do this work or similar type work.

If you want CenturyLink to provide the cabling:

  • Submit a Collocation Application form, requesting an augment to the existing Application.
  • CenturyLink will reschedule the Collocation job completion based on the delay.


CenturyLink contact information is located in Wholesale Customer Contacts.

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