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The Federal Communications Commission (the "FCC" or "Commission") released Order FCC 19-66, a Report and Order on Remand and Memorandum Opinion and Order in WC Docket Nos. 18-141, et al (the "UNE Transport Order"), which became effective upon release, and on August 2, 2019, the FCC released Order FCC 19-72, a Memorandum Opinion and Order in WC Docket 18-141 (the "UNE Analog Loop and Resale Forbearance Order"), which also became effective upon release. Together, the UNE Transport Order and the UNE Analog Loop and Resale Forbearance Orders, collectively referred to as the "Forbearance Orders", are changes in applicable law that changes all of the Reseller PCATs and other Reseller documentation on this site.

Effective February 2, 2020 many of these documents are no longer available and will be updated to go with the Commercial PCATs or be removed entirely.

Resale products and services are provided in our CenturyLink QC to certified Resellers under terms and conditions may be provided at a later date under a Commercial Agreement.

In addition to the dropdowns below, new customers should be sure to review Getting Started as a Reseller.

If you are an existing customer and need account assistance, visit the Wholesale Information Tool.

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Last Update: February 13, 2020