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Collocation - Cancellation Overview - V3.0

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Collocation Cancellation is available for all Collocation sites under a specific BAN for which you have not received notification of completion from CenturyLink™. A cancellation will only occur upon request by you as the canceling CLEC.

Collocation Cancellation is offered for:

  • Caged Physical Collocation
  • Cageless Physical Collocation
  • Virtual Collocation
  • Interconnection Distribution Frame (ICDF) Collocation
  • Physical Remote Collocation
  • Remote Collocation

All other types of Collocation Cancellations will be handled on an ICB by contacting the rfsmet@centurylink.com mailbox.

Terms and Conditions

A request for cancellation is irrevocable once CenturyLink has accepted the application.

Terms and conditions for Collocation Cancellation are included in your Interconnection Agreement; if those terms differ from those set forth in this web page, the terms of the Interconnection Agreement may prevail.

You, as the canceling CLEC, may submit a Collocation Cancellation Application if the Collocation job is in progress. Upon your receipt of a completion notice of the Collocation job, the job can no longer be cancelled.

Stoppage of Work in Progress:

CenturyLink will stop work on a job in progress upon receipt and acceptance by CenturyLink of a Collocation Cancellation Application. This will allow CenturyLink to determine the status of the job and to make the appropriate business decision regarding work stoppage and financial avoidance on behalf of you and CenturyLink. The CenturyLink engineer and the CenturyLink installation team make this business decision. An inventory assessment is made and is communicated with the cancellation revised quote.

Procedures for Revised Final Quote:

Based on when CenturyLink receives the Cancellation Application, the completion status of the Collocation job, and whether the initial 50% of the quote was paid the following will occur:

  • If a Collocation job is cancelled prior to Quote Acceptance, only the QPF charge will be required.
  • If a Collocation job is cancelled after the initial quote (includes the QPF charge) has been paid, a revised final quote will be issued which will indicate the amount due or adjustments. This quote will be issued within 30 calendar days of CenturyLink's acceptance of the Cancellation Application.

For CO based Collocation if you have requested a:

  • Splitter Collocation with the BAN of the Collocation site to be cancelled, the Splitter Collocation will be cancelled automatically pursuant to the submitted Cancellation Application.
  • Direct CLEC-to-CLEC with the BAN of the Collocation site to be cancelled, the Direct CLEC-to-CLEC will be cancelled automatically pursuant to the submitted Cancellation Application.

Upon cancellation acceptance, materials owned by you and utilized in constructing the Collocation site will not be returned unless you request their return in writing (indicated in the Notes section on the Collocation Cancellation Application form).

If your equipment is on the site prior to the scheduled RFS date, you will be notified by email to remove your equipment.


Rate Elements

Pursuant to the standard terms of the Facility Cancellation Agreement, CenturyLink will not charge you for the cancellation service except as specifically provided herein.


Cancellation requires submission of a Collocation Cancellation Application form found in the Application forms and Alternate Point of Termination (APOT) Forms section of the Collocation - General Information PCAT:

  • CO Based Collocation Cancellation Application form
  • Remote Collocation Cancellation, Decommission Application form

The application must be submitted to rfsmet@centurylink.com.

CenturyLink will follow its standard cancellation order validation procedures, providing your acknowledgment of acceptance or rejection within one business day of receipt of your Collocation Cancellation Application.


CenturyLink contact information is located in Wholesale Customer Contacts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Last Update: August 8, 2011