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Collocation - Early Access Overview – V7.0

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Early Access to Collocation allows you the option to install your equipment when your Collocation space is physically conditioned, but prior to CenturyLink™’s completion of other supporting infrastructure work. The Early Access option enables you to access the market more quickly.

Terms and Conditions

If terms and conditions for Early Access are included in your Interconnection Agreement, and those terms differ from those set forth in this document, then the terms of the Interconnection Agreement may prevail.

Early Access is offered with either Caged Physical Collocation or Cageless Physical Collocation.

Early Access must be coordinated by you and your Service Manager by Central Office (CO) building location.

Before Early Access is allowed, the workspace must be conditioned for the physical placement of your collocated equipment, and work in the space must meet all applicable state and federal safety laws and regulations.  For Caged Physical Collocation space, the enclosure must be complete before Early Access will be granted.

If some interference should occur with your equipment installation due to potential common systems work, CenturyLink will work with you as needed to coordinate the efforts of both parties.  The work could include, but is not limited to, the placement of power cables and associated racking, any necessary heating, air conditioning (HVAC) and/or miscellaneous types of infrastructure work.

You may request Early Access to your Collocation space prior to the Ready for Service (RFS) date provided on your initial Collocation Quote.

In order to obtain Early Access, in addition to the initial 50% payment, you must pay 80% percent of the remaining 50% percent of the quoted nonrecurring charges before Early Access is granted, leaving a holdback of 10% percent of the originally quoted nonrecurring charges.


To request Early Access, contact your CenturyLink Service Manager and provide your requested location(s).

The Early Access date, will be negotiated between you and CenturyLink. 

The final Alternate Point of Termination (APOT) will be provided when the entire construction activity has been completed and the remaining final nonrecurring charges have been paid.


Billing will start on the Early Access Date.  This includes all appropriate (e.g., space and security access) recurring charges. This billing will begin at two business days following the formal walk-through.


CenturyLink contact information is located in Wholesale Customer Contacts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Last Update: February 27, 2017