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Collocation - Express/Shared Fiber Process Overview - V2.0

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This Collocation Express/Shared Fiber Process Overview will be followed when Collocation Applicants seek Express or Shared Fiber entrance facilities, and the facilities cannot be installed because your fiber is not ready at the Collocation - Point of Interconnection (C-POI) on the scheduled Ready for Service (RFS) date.

CenturyLink™ will contact you 30 calendar days prior to the scheduled RFS date (referred to as "RFS - 30") to verify your intent to deliver your fiber by the scheduled RFS, or no later than the "scheduled RFS plus 60 calendar days". Under this process, CenturyLink will keep jobs open and on CLEC Hold for a reasonable period after your scheduled RFS date, when you failed to deliver your fiber. This is an exception process that gives you a reasonable amount of time, post-RFS, to meet your commitment and minimize time spent for coordination and scheduling the completion of your job. You will receive an initial partial completion notification letter to advise you that your job is being put on CLEC Hold for delivery of fiber. If there is no response from you, CenturyLink will send notices pending this delivery at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and finally at the one year from the date CenturyLink sent the initial partial completion notification letter. You will then have an additional 30 days to deliver your fiber entrance facilities or this portion of your job will be irrevocably cancelled. Future requests at the location will require a new Change/Augment application. Outstanding charges will be assessed and billed to you.

If, during the above time frame, you determine that you no longer need to deliver your express/shared fiber cable then:

  • Submit a "change order" to remove the entrance facility from the original Collocation Application.
  • A "Revised Quote" will be prepared and sent that reflects the revised cost without the fiber.
  • A Final Alternate Point of Termination (APOT) (if appropriate) and Final Completion Package will be prepared and sent as soon as the payment for the remainder of the Quote is received.
  • When your Express or Shared Fiber is available, submit an augment request on a Collocation Application form. The augment will be processed using the normal contractual interval. Contacts


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Last Update: August 8, 2011