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Collocation - CenturyLink™ Premises Access Overview - V15.0

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This document outlines the process used to obtain authorization for on-going access and temporary access to CenturyLink Premises.  This includes new access, changes to existing access, or deleting facility access:

  • The Competitive Local Exchange Company (CLEC) Single Point of Contact (SPOC) submits the request on-line at the CenturyLink CLEC Badge Access Request web page for security check and authorization. If the request has been approved, the request is sent to the Collocation Manager.  Upon the manager’s approval the request is forwarded to the appropriate Access Control Center (ACC) manager for processing.  CenturyLink Collocation Manager contact information is as follows:


NOTE: The CenturyLink CLEC Badge Access Request Job Aid is available to assist customers in navigating the Web site.   CLEC SPOCs that do not have login credentials to the CenturyLink CLEC Badge Access Request web page should complete the Wholesale Customer Facility Access SPOC Request Form and email it to their CenturyLink Collocation Manager so that they may be set up in the system. Login credentials will be emailed to the CLEC SPOC.

  • The CLEC Primary Representative will also pre-identify their company’s individual employee Scope of Work (SOW) requirements by choosing the appropriate selection button on the website as follows: 1.
    • CLEC Central Office Technician (COT): This SOW provides an indication that the CLEC employee/contractor will engage in normal and routine CLEC network duties in its specific collocation space, e.g., network service provisioning, network maintenance, network trouble shooting, network service removal, etc.
    • CLEC Central Office Equipment Installer (COEIT): This SOW provides an indication that the CLEC employee/contractor will engage in the role of Central Office Equipment Installation Technician in CenturyLink “shared network space” in a CenturyLink QC facility in the CenturyLink QC territory. The work activities encompassed by this SOW involves the erection of central office ironwork (e.g., auxiliary framing, ceiling unistrut, threaded rod, cable rack, miscellaneous mounting piece parts, floor anchors, relay racks/bays/cabinets, mounting shelves/panels), equipment cable additions/removals, cable lacing/securing, opening/closing fire-stopped cable holes/penetrations, wiring/connecting, equipment labeling/designating, DC power hot-cutovers, timing/synchronization circuit migration/cutover, transportation/removal of VRLA batteries/HAZMAT material, and the creation/posting of both General Methods of Procedure (MOP) and Detailed Methods of Procedure (DMOP), network change management activities, and any additional SOW that engages the CLEC employee beyond their designated/routine work space into CenturyLink “shared network space.”
NOTE: SOW option 2 will require the CLEC employee/contractor to complete the CLEC/CLEC Subcontractor Inside Plant (ISP) Competency Requirements and Testing on Technical Standards. Badge applicants should successfully complete and pass the testing before the CLEC SPOC submits the badge request.
  • The approval request process should take no more than three business days.  Customers are notified of status changes via email. If the original sender of the request has not been contacted within three business days of the request being submitted, they should contact their Collocation Manager for information regarding the request.
  • The ACC will process the request, create an ID / access card, and mail the badge to the customer.  Actual delivery times may vary.
  • CenturyLink utilizes Lumen corporate IDs, badges and security processes.
  • The badge will be mailed in an active status:
    • A Lumen corporate user ID (CUID) for the customer employee/contractor will be assigned at the time of the request and will be sent to the customer SPOC when the badge access request is completed
    • The customer SPOC should provide the CUID to the employee/contractor for whom the badge has been requested
    • The Lumen access badge is shipped to the customer employee/contractor
  • Any questions and / or concerns regarding other Collocation access issues should be directed to their Collocation Manager or, in their absence, acc.staff.group@lumen.com.
  • If you are unable to get access to a facility, and it is an emergency, call Work Environment Center (WEC) at 1-800-201-7033. Calls will be referred to the PSOC.

All collocation personnel and their contractors must:

  • Wear a Lumen photo identification card above the waist and visible at all times while on the grounds or in buildings.
  • Have only one Lumen photo identification card in their possession.
  • Access only authorized corridors, stairways and elevators that provide the shortest, most direct access to their space and restrooms.
  • Have an escort if in CenturyLink space.
  • If you have a Lumen ID, you will be allowed to escort a visitor to your space. The visitor may not leave the CLEC collocation area unescorted.& Unescorted visitors will be asked to leave the building and security will be notified.
  • Secure and lock all doors and gates on leaving CenturyLink premises.
  • Return any found or lost card to the PSOC.
  • Know and understand the company security guidelines and procedures and follow all company procedures with regard to security.
  • CLEC CO Entrance Cards are renewed automatically.  Notify the PSOC when someone no longer needs access. Retrieve the card and/or keys and return them to the address below:
  • 5325 Zuni St.
    ATTN: Physical Security
    Denver, CO 80221

  • To obtain a new access card, change or delete facility access see the CenturyLink CLEC Badge Access Request web page.

Temporary Access

Lumen Physical Access Control Methods and Procedures recognizes those situations that require temporary access and the below section describes that process.

Temporary Access is defined as access needed for 30 days or fewer in a calendar year. The reason for access may be visitation (bids/quotes, tours, or visual equipment surveys or inspections) or installation and maintenance. The reason for temporary access determines the type of badge issued. Contact and inform the site manager of any visit, maintenance or installation which requires the use of temporary access media.

  • Visitor Badges (Self-Expiring, Electronic, Laminate, or Paper)
    • Require escort by the sponsor of the visitor. The sponsor must be wearing a valid Lumen-issued badge; they may be a Lumen employee or Collocator.
    • The Electronic, Laminate or Paper badges are only available in Central Offices that have Access Control Attendants (guards).
    • These are issued for bids/quotes, tours, visual equipment inspections or surveys only. They are NOT issued for installation or maintenance work.
  • Temporary Badges
    • Do not require escort.
    • In Central Offices or facilities having Access Control Attendants (guards), these badges are signed out daily; in locations without Access Control Attendants, the badges may be obtained through the Property Manager, Central Office Manager or authorized site technician.
    • These badges are issued for maintenance and/or installation work.
    • Collocation SPOCs or managers may obtain temporary badges through the PSOC at acc.staff.group@lumen.com. The CLEC will maintain the badge.

CLEC Temporary Badge Maintenance Process

  1. Collocation temporary badges may be requested and maintained only by CLEC managers having a valid, Lumen-issued access badge. Requests should be submitted to the Collocation Manager or acc.staff.group@lumen.com
  2. Badges will be sent to the requester without access programming.
  3. Requests for badge activation must be sent to the above email address 24 hours in advance; however, in urgent situations, the request may be made over the  phone (ACC on-call via the WEC: 1-800-201-7033).  A follow-up email is required.  The following information must be communicated:  badge #, name of individual who will be using the badge, contractor company name, CLEC name, location of access/CLLI code, date, and duration of access.  The badge will be activated for the specified time period only.
  4. Monthly documentation of the badge usage must be submitted to the Collocation Manager or acc.staff.group@lumen.com.
  5. Failure to comply with the temporary badge process will result in deactivation (no activation) of the temporary badge/badges.
  6. Temporary badges and/or keys that are no longer needed must be returned to the ACC at the address below:
    5325 Zuni St, ATTN Physical Security
    Denver, CO 80221

Access Control Centers

Access Control Centers can produce Lumen photo access cards. To reach the PSOC dial 1-866-788-9888.

Badge Access Reports

Customers requesting a report of their current Lumen badge holders should send an email to the Lumen Security team mailbox at acc.staff.group@lumen.com. The Subject line of the email should state: Request for CLEC Badge Access Report.  The data on the report that CenturyLink provides will include badge ID, first and last name, company, access level and card reader.

CenturyLink will respond to Badge Access Report requests within three (3) business days.


CenturyLink contact information is located in Wholesale Customer Contacts.

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