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Collocation - Space Reservation and Space Optioning Overview - V4.0

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Collocation Space Reservation allows Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC) to reserve space and identify, to the extent available, infrastructure incidental to that space such as power and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), in a CenturyLink™ Premises for transmission equipment (Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer (DSLAM)), circuit switching equipment and power equipment. CLEC may reserve space in a particular CenturyLink Premises through the Collocation Space Reservation Application Form.

Requests for contiguous space will be honored, if available, CLEC may also choose to option space in CenturyLink Wire Center Premises for the following equipment:

  • Transmission equipment
  • Circuit switching equipment
  • Power plants

Terms and Conditions

The time periods that apply to the reserved or option space equipment are:

  • Transmission equipment - one (1) year,
  • Circuit switching equipment - three (3) years, and
  • Power plants - five (5) years

Where applicable per their Interconnection Agreement, when cancelling their request the CLEC will receive a prorated refund amount of their Space Reservation fee.

Optioned space is offered to CLECs for Caged, Cageless, and Virtual Collocation.

To promote fairness and prevent warehousing the CLEC requesting the option may specify the amount of space to be optioned but not a specific location within the Wire Center. CLEC may also request space be contiguous to its existing Collocation space.

CLEC may option one (1) Collocation space per Wire Center.

The maximum amount of space per Wire Center to be Optioned is: 200 square feet for Caged Collocation or 4 bays for Cageless and Virtual Collocation.

When a space option party proceeds with a Collocation Application for optioned space, all payments made shall be applied to such Collocation Application.

In order for an option request to avoid expiration, CLEC must:

  • Submit a Collocation Application during the option time frame; or
  • The option may be renewed if a Collocation Space Option Application is received at least ten (10) calendar Days prior to the expiration of the term of the existing option. The priority of a renewed option is determined by the date CLEC accepts the quote from CenturyLink on CLEC's renewal application.

Space Option First Right of Refusal - If CenturyLink receives a valid Collocation Application (CLEC A is the requesting party) for a CenturyLink Wire Center in which all available space has been occupied or optioned, the following provisions for First Right of Refusal will apply:

  • All CenturyLink out of space reporting requirements apply to the Collocation Application. In addition, CenturyLink will provide CLEC A with option space information (e.g., Caged and Cageless optioned space) that may fulfill the requirements of CLEC A's Collocation Application. At CLEC A's request, CenturyLink will initiate the option enforcement notice process by notifying the option party or parties with the most recent space option(s) that meets the requirements of CLEC A's Collocation Application.
  • The option enforcement notice serves as notification to the option party that CenturyLink is in possession of a valid Collocation Application, and calls for the option party to exercise its Right of First Refusal, or relinquish its space option. The option party may exercise its Right of First Refusal by submitting either a Collocation Application or by submitting the Collocation Space Reservation Application, within ten (10) calendar Days of receipt of the option enforcement notice. This process continues for all optioned space until all optioned space is exercised or optioned space is relinquished (affirmatively by CLEC or upon expiration of the notice period, whichever is earlier) to fulfill the Collocation Application. Once optioned space has been relinquished for use to fulfill the Collocation Application, the standard ordering terms and conditions for Collocation shall apply.
  • Where contiguous space has been optioned, CenturyLink will make its best effort to notify CLEC if CenturyLink, its Affiliates or other CLECs require the use of CLEC's contiguous space. Upon notification, CLEC will have 7 days to indicate its intent to submit a Collocation Application or Collocation Reservation. CLEC may choose to terminate the contiguous space option or continue without the contiguous provision.



The quote will reflect the following:

A non-recurring Space Reservation Fee applies to all Space Reservation Requests.

The rate elements for the Collocation Space Option are comprised of the following:

  • Space Option Administration Fee is a nonrecurring fee for all Collocation Space Option requests and covers the processing of application, feasibility, common space engineering, records management and administration of the First Right of Refusal process.
  • Space Option Fee is a monthly recurring fee that will be charged based upon the amount of space being optioned, at $2 (two dollars) per square foot per month.

You will be billed for Space Reservation and Space Optioning utilizing nonrecurring and recurring rates specified in your ICA.



Upon receipt of the Collocation Space Reservation Application Form, CenturyLink will provide space feasibility within ten (10) calendar Days. If space is available, CenturyLink will provide a specific price quote based on the requested Collocation requirements described on the Collocation Space Reservation Application Form.

The Collocation Space Option Application form will be processed upon receipt of a properly completed request. Such form shall be considered properly completed if it contains identifying information of CLEC, the applicable CenturyLink Premises, the amount of Collocation space sought, the type of Collocation (Caged, Cageless and Virtual) and the type of equipment for which the option is being sought. CLEC must have met all past and present undisputed financial obligations to CenturyLink. Upon receipt of the Collocation Space Option Application form, CenturyLink will confirm in writing, within ten (10) calendar Days, the availability of, and price quote (the "Option Fee") for the Optioned space. If space is not available, CenturyLink will deny the request.


Carrier Access Billing System (CABS) billing is described in Billing Information - Carrier Access Billing System (CABS). .

Billing and Receivable Tracking (BART) billing is described in Billing Information - Billing and Receivable Tracking (BART).


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