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Complete-A-Call - V9.0

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Product Description

Complete-A-Call, also referred to as Directory Assistance Complete-A-Call, or Directory Assistance Call Completion (DACC). Complete-A-Call is is a Directory Assistance (DA) service whereby the DA operator or the DA audio response system offers end-users local and local long distance call completion to requested numbers. After DA provides the end-user with the telephone number they requested, the end-user is transferred to that telephone number. This eliminates the need for the caller to write down the telephone number provided by DA, hang up and dial the obtained telephone number.

When calling DA, an announcement will usually be given to the end-user.

State Calls from a Business or Residence Calls from a Payphone
AZ Announcement Announcement
CO Announcement Announcement
IA Announcement Not Available
ID-S Announcement Announcement
MN Announcement Not Available
MT Announcement Announcement
ND Announcement Not Available
NE Announcement Not Available
NM Announcement Announcement
OR Announcement Announcement
SD Announcement Not Available
UT Announcement Announcement
WA Announcement Announcement
WY Announcement Announcement

In states where a charge applies, a touchtone telephone is required in order for an end-user to interact with the Complete-A-Call Voice Response Unit (VRU).

Complete-A-Call is available for Intra Local Access and Transport Area (IntraLATA) DA requests only.

If Complete-A-Call results in the caller being passed to a local long distance telephone number, long distance charges apply.

Complete-A-Call Blocking allows end-users to call DA to obtain listing information but prevents the Complete-A-Call announcement from being heard.

Lines/trunks that do not have an associated telephone number (TN) do not require Complete-A-Call Blocking; e.g., lines/trunks in a Multi-Line Hunt group and Private Branch Exchange (PBX) stations.

Businesses such as Hotels, Motels and Hospitals should be advised to determine which lines should have the Complete-A-Call feature. All other lines should have Complete-A-Call blocking to prevent undesired usage and long distance charges.

Complete-A-Call Blocking:

  • Is established and removed at no charge.
  • May be offered to eliminate unwanted Complete-A-Call activity.
  • Is provisioned via the FID BLKD (Block Directory Assistance Request), which is floated behind the line USOC that is to be blocked.

NOTE: The BLKD FID should not be used when Long Distance Restriction or CustomNet™ is on the account because these long distance-blocking products are already include in Complete-A-Call blocking.


Complete-A-Call is available throughout CenturyLink QC except in ID-N.

Complete-A-Call may be available on DSS if the trunks are Basic (T2D++) analog/line side terminated, the serving CO switch is provisioned properly and state tariffs permit.

Additional information can be found in the Pre Ordering Overview.


Rate Structure

Complete-A-Call rates are based on state specific Tariffs/Catalogs/Price Lists.


Retail rates for this feature can be found in the state specific Tariffs/Catalogs/Price Lists.

Rates and/or discounts are available in Exhibit A or the specific rate sheet in your Interconnection or Resale Agreement.


Ordering Rules

Additional information on ordering can be found in the Ordering Overview.

Feature Activity Types (Action Codes)

The valid Feature Activity Types are:

  • N = Add
  • C = Change (old values)
  • T = Change (new values)

Feature Codes (USOCs)

Complete-A-Call is automatically provisioned on the access line/trunk USOC.

Complete-A-Call Blocking does not have a unique USOC. Blocking is provisioned on the access line/trunk USOC with the use of the FID BLKD.

Blocking is added or removed by using the BA and BLOCK fields on the product specific LSOG form.

Feature Detail (FID and Data Requirements)

Complete-A-Call is identified by the FID /BLKD.

Adding Complete-A-Call Blocking to A New Access Line/Trunk

This feature is ordered by including:

  • Feature Activity Type N and USOC 1FR, 1FB or appropriate access line/trunk code.
  • Blocking Activity Type E and the BLOCK value of H - No Directory Asst. Call Comp. (DACC).

Adding Complete-A-Call to an Existing Access Line/Trunk

This feature is ordered by including:

  • Blocking Activity Type E and the BLOCK value of H - No Directory Asst. Call Comp. (DACC).

Removing Complete-A-Call Blocking

This feature is removed by including:

  • Blocking Activity Type D and the BLOCK value of H - No Directory Asst. Call Comp. (DACC).

Last Update: March 19, 2015

Last Reviewed: October 23, 2023